A Homa Bay bishop has converted to Islam because he couldn’t stand how women wore indecently to his church.

Bishop Charles Okwany, formerly of God’s Call Church of East Africa, claims it is women wearing miniskirts to his church that drove him to convert his church to a mosque.

He claimed that unlike Muslims, most Christians are ‘immoral and pretenders’.

“My church was known as Nyalgosi God’s Call Church of East Africa, but it is now Nyalgosi Jamia Mosque,” he told the Nairobian.

“During my tenure as a Bishop, I travelled to Malindi, Mombasa, Nairobi and Tanzania to preach the word of God. I used to take advantage of the opportunity to study the conduct of both Christians and Muslims living in the areas, and it made me conclude that Islam is better,” said Okwany.

The 65-year-old Bishop has also acquired a new name, Ismael Okwany to conform to Islamic requirements.

He added: “The Biblical teachings discourage modes of dressing which are likely to motivate sexual desire in church. But it is unfortunate that some women wear miniskirts and other clothes that expose their private parts.”

“It was unfortunate that some people felt I was wrong when I discouraged indecent dressing yet they were the ones who were going against the will of God.”

His switch to Islam began by visiting a Muslim leader in Kisii County who referred him to Rangwe Imam, Mustafa Saoke.

On September 26, Okwany converted to Islam together with 23 other members of his church.

The mosque now has a population of 63 people after 30 Muslims who were in the entire Kagan ward decided to register their membership.

“I will go for a theological training on Islamic religion to enable me to preach the word of God in Islam. I had never joined a theology class but this will be my starting point,” Okwany stated.

According to Omar Al Bashir, a sheikh in Nyanza region, the mosque will be registered next month.

“Okwany and his former church elders have registration details of the church. We are going to change the registration details next month so that the mosque is duly registered,” said Bashir.