Nyali MP, Mohammed Ali Jicho Pevu continues his fight with Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho.

In his quest to win the seat, Moha fought it off with Joho’s cousin and he believes his victory during the ODM nominations was stolen. Nevertheless, he went on to vie as an independent candidate and won.

Joho is believed to have picked his beef with Moha during his Jicho Pevu days, when he would often expose drug lords. They are still fighting till today.

A video has surfaced showing Moha throwing some harsh words at Joho. He accused him of having thought that the Nyali seat was his to give out. “Ata mimi wacha niseme kama Duale, hii kiti si ya mama yako..” Moha tells the crowd. “Hakuna vile Mombasa nzima itakuwa mali yenu.”

Moha further revealed that Joho and his cronies often refer to him as ‘kichwa ngumu’ even in boardrooms. He said they have sent him CID officers to harass him but he will not relent.

The former KTN journalist further urged Uhuru to let him handle Joho.

“Ata naambia Uhuru Kenyatta niachie Mombasa ninyoroshe huyu mtu..” he said.

Watch that clip.