After many days and weeks of speculation, IEBC commissioner Roselyn Akombe resigned yesterday from the commission just 7 days to the October 26th fresh election.

Ms Akombe who was said to have travelled to Dubai to inspect the ballot printing process, diverted to the US, where she holds a dual-citizenship. She sent a statement from New York saying that the commission should have been frank and told Kenyans that it will be impossible to hold a free and fair election. She said commission staff in areas hit by Nasa demos have expressed fear for their lives, and she would not allow herself to be party to anything that might happen to them.

Akombe further revealed that the commission is deeply divided along partisan line and decisions made are guided by this. She says it has become increasingly difficult for her to defend positions she disagrees with.

Akombe’s shock resignation has elicited lots of reactions on social media with Rapper Octopizzo surprisingly contributing to the debate.

According to the ‘Sing Along’ rapper, Akombe showed bravery and set a good example for the ladies of this country.

“People like Roselyn Akombe are the reason I take my daughters & Sisters to school & teach them bravery,” tweeted Octo.