He started it and now he is seeking an end to it. The showbiz beef pitting King Kaka and Sauti Sol has taken another twist.

This is after King Kaka on Tuesday responded to Sauti Sol’s recent comments.

The beef started weeks ago when King Kaka bravely called out the Afro-pop band for not helping the local music industry. Then Sauti Sol hit back by pulling down a poster of King Kaka’s hit with Fena Gitu from their social media handles.

Then King Kaka hit back again calling the ‘Sura Yako’ hitmakers petty for deleting the poster.

And just when we thought it had dwindled down, Sauti Sol came out guns blazing in a recent interview claiming King Kaka is a lukewarm artist signing other lukewarm artists.

Sauti Sol’s Bien, in particular, appeared the more pissed off, as he made the sensational claim that Timmy Tdat should sign King Kaka because he is hotter.

“Sauti Sol has come out with Studio Mashinani, a project that we launched for Kenyan youth. We did a tour that employed a hundred people. We have been carrying the industry on our backs for many years. We are not even complaining and we are just doing it for Kenya. We do it because we love it, so that his sorry a** can get a chance at it later in his life.”

“Kaka signing another artiste doesn’t do a thing for him because he is a lukewarm artiste signing other lukewarm artistes. Timmy Tdat and Avril should sign King Kaka because Tdat is hotter than him on the streets,” Bien said.

On Tuesday, King Kaka responded calling an end to the “unhealthy beef.” He also apologised and maintained that his Empire has created employment opportunities.

“Sauti sol I am just being a man here, if I have wronged you, I have seen you have insulted me so much I’m very sorry. Telling fans to go and check out the beef won’t help anything. Fans what you should do is go to MTV Awards and vote for Nyashinski. This beef is unhealthy. I have not been on the internet for a while, so I checked in yesterday and found out that Sauti Sol had called for a press conference and the content of the press was to insult me. When you watch the two interviews, you will find out that what I said is purely true. It very sad that were are at time when we are insulting each other instead of supporting each other”

Kaka Empire has provided employment to a number Kenyans, and when someone starts to shot down my efforts is not good. You telling young Kenyans it’s bad to come up with new ideas, Kaka Empire was a vision one day and now it’s working. Let’s not have this meaningless beef”



Meaningless Beef

Posted by Rabbit King Kaka on Tuesday, October 10, 2017