Times are hard, that we can all agree on. As if Kenya’s economy wasn’t already suffering before the August 8 election, the ongoing political impasse is wreaking havoc as investors wait for the burden of uncertainty to pass.

Data from the Central Bank of Kenya’s Credit Survey released last month paints a gloomy picture as commercial banks lament how raised political risks have led to a tightening of credit and are jeopardizing almost all economic sectors.

To make matters worse the Kenya Revenue Authority plans to impose duty on some basic commodities from November 1. To put it simpler, things are looking bad.

As a result, in a bid to put Unga on the table, the ordinary mwananchi may have to opt for extraordinary business ventures, such as “donating” a leg for some quick cash.

A guy from Zimmerman has done exactly that; put his right leg up for sale on social media for Sh100,000. For a leg that doesn’t look like it belongs to a Kalenjin runner, I don’t think he will find any buyers for Sh100,000.

Check out this Kenyan madness!