A prisoner serving a life sentence at the Naivasha GK prison stabbed and killed a cellmate on Thursday.

Reports indicate that the suspect stabbed the victim two times using a spoon after a fight over another man in the facility. The morning incident paralyzed operations at the prison.

According to a warder who did not want to be named, the suspect had an illegal affair with another inmate in that cell.

“He turned his wrath on his cellmate after learning he had an affair with his lover,” said the warder.

The warder said that the victim was stabbed in the chest and back. The suspect also attacked another prisoner who attempted to stop the fight.

The source reportedly told the Star that they had not established how the attacker sharpened the edge of the spoon.

The attacker was rescued by warders from irate inmates who were baying for his blood.

Patrick Mwenda, officer in charge of the prison, said the deceased died on the way to hospital.

“The information we are getting is that the fight was over an illicit love affair. Police are investigating,” he said.

He said the second victim was rushed to Naivasha sub-county hospital with severe chest wounds.

“The inmate who intervened was also stabbed in the chest and the back. He is in critical condition.”