Starehe MP Charles Njagua alias Jaguar has apologised over Tuesday’s fighting incident with Babu Owino.

The two first time legislators exchanged blows at the Parliament Buildings over an argument on the legitimacy of the presidency.

While Babu has claimed that he does not regret the fight as he was acting on self-defence, Jaguar has taken the high road and issued a public apology. He defended his actions saying he only wanted to talk to Babu as a friend and fellow youth.

“I just wanted to tell him to respect President Uhuru Kenyatta and not to fight with him,” Jaguar said.

He said the “unfortunate” incident did not reflect a good picture of the people of Starehe who elected him.

“I was not elected to fight in parliament. What happened was unfortunate and I want to apologise to my friend Babu Owino,” Jaguar said.

Jaguar also claimed that it was Babu Owino who started the fight.

“I just approached him to talk but he started shouting at me and started saying that this country does not belong to one community…and I had to act and I just pampered him a bit,” Jaguar said.

He noted that as youthful leaders, they should work together to champion the agenda of the youth and not fight.

Jaguar, however, warned Babu Owino against making disrespectful remarks about the President.

“He should stop insulting the President, I have never insulted Raila Odinga,” Jaguar said.