When ‘Nairobi Diaries’ first aired on K24, it drew a lot of harsh criticism for its ratchet and meaningless content. But six seasons later, the premiere reality show has grown on viewers and is a fan favorite for many.

It also costs an arm and a leg to make the show as revealed by founder and executive producer Janet Mwaluda.

Janet has in recent times come out of her shell to speak about the controversial show.

“Before I started, I had fear and I thought to myself, where will I start? I didn’t have enough production tools but later it picked up. I can say this is a dream come true and there is more to come,” she said.

On claims that the show is scripted, Mwaluda explained: “No one reads anywhere. We don’t have blackboards in our office or autocues. At the point where we are getting to the confessionals, it’s always a one-on-one with me or my assistant. It’s always real, they don’t read from anywhere. When you are a talent and you’ve joined the show and abide by my contracts, what happens is that, we construct a production schedule within the story we are telling. At the end of the day, we are telling a story.”

Telling the story has, however, not been easy as it has landed Janet in trouble with the law a couple of times.

“I am always sleeping at the police station. We do get into trouble sometimes. I don’t wanna talk about it because I don’t wanna call trouble. But I finished season six without anyone being arrested. I thank God for that.”

On how much it costs to produce the show, Janet said: “It costs a lot. It costs an arm and a leg. About 450-500 thousand. And you can never predict about the costs. It’s variable and can easily change.”

She also had a message for viewers.

“Most viewers want to shoot the messenger, I am the messenger. The moment you relate to the story and it makes you so bitter that you want to comment, my message is home. People have fallen in and out of love and we go through a lot and watching it pains, but it hits home. Watch and find the solutions.”