At this rate, the allegations that former Harambee Stars striker Dennis Oliech is broke will keep reappearing until Jesus returns. We have been here before and it is dumbfounding just how some Kenyans continue to get ‘excited’ about Oliech’s alleged downfall.

Even more astounding is that the current negative publicity Oliech has been getting is attributed to a picture taken by former Harambee Stars coach Jacob ‘Ghost’ Mulee during the Koroga Festival held at Carnivore Grounds on October 1st. C’mon guys we can do better!

The truth of the matter is, Dennis the Menace is doing just fine as confirmed by popular sports personality Carol Radull. She came to Oliech’s defence and stated that he has been giving back to the society.

”Why can’t everyone just leave @oliechdennis alone! Here we are at a recent youth tournament in Kibera. He is fine and he is giving back. #Legend #KenyanHero #FootballKE #LoveFootball #FootballIsBae #JazaStadi,” Radul captioned a photo of herself with Oliech, which was taken during a recent charity soccer event.

Ghost Mulee has also come out to condemn the allegations.

“Looks are deceptive. I’m still proud of my captain Dennis Oliech. This all points out to how people look at a glass, some see it half full while some see it half empty.” Mulei said.

Well, those who see the glass as half empty will have to realign their glasses because Oliech’s glass is looking full. The football icon has been named as 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Ambassador for travel management company, Bunson Travel.

Oliech and the company reps struck the deal a few days ago and we hope it will settle people’s nerves.

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