A standard six pupil from Kimai Primary School in Kanyarwanda region in Migori County committed suicide after realizing she was pregnant.

Morine Juma, 12, hanged herself at her grandfather’s homestead on Sunday. One of her relatives said that it was only after they noticed that she was missing for hours that they realized that one of the houses in their homestead was locked from the inside.

“When the door was broken and we gained entry into the house, we were shocked to see the body dangling on a rope and a note lying beside her,” Ms Mary Wangare said.

According to Wangare, the suicide note indicated that life had become too hard for the pupil due to the pregnancy and that “she could no longer continue living because her family members were too harsh on her.”

Migori police boss Joseph Nthenge said: “In the note that she left behind, she said that she was being frustrated by some of her relatives. On the fateful day, she locked herself in one of the houses in the compound and used a rope to commit suicide.”

He said police had launched investigations that will involve questioning of the girl’s parents and relatives.