The racist incident at Carrefour Supermarket, inside The Hub mall in Karen, has caused quite the outrage among Kenyans.

The incident was reported on the French Supermarket’s Facebook wall by Wangu wa Mwendo. She narrated how a Caucasian woman harassed her at the check-out counter, with little interference from the management.

Despite outcry from fellow black customers, supermarket staff allowed the white lady to harass and insult them, calling them ‘lazy Africans’.

While a majority of Kenyans have taken issue with the Caucasian woman, media personality Ciku Muiruri is taking a different stand. Her issue is with the Kenyans who stood by during the incident and did nothing.

According to Ciku, she agrees with the white woman that they don’t deserve this beautiful country of ours.

Read below.


Dear Belinda,

Why do you keep referring to this ugly soul as beautiful? Actions always dictate how people view you and this monster can only look as such. But that aside, my issue is not with her. My issue is with all of you Kenyans that day, a whole bunch of you, standing in line, plus a security guard and teller, all of you HELPLESS.

You needed a manager to come handle a situation you could have easily handled on your own. When the manager could not be found you actually let a lone, female overcome ALL of you, proving correct, everything she was saying.

Tell me, would you have allowed an African girl to do what she did? The teller should be fired, he saw she was wrong, admitted to the guard she was wrong but still served her before the rest of you. And you LET him. Let’s face it, his actions were in direct proportion to all of your reactions – Meekness! So before making this about CarreFour, you need to take a loooong look at yourselves. You stood there, watching. Meek and helpless – In YOUR country. I tend to agree with the “beautiful” mzungu, you don’t deserve this beautiful country of ours.