She is one of the most bankable media personalities in the country. Betty Kyallo is currently a news reporter and anchor at KTN.

She spoke to the Nairobian about her campus life at Daystar University. She studied Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication), Advertising and Marketing between 2007-2009.

“I would like to imagine my campus years as boring, but a lot of what happened knocks off that thought. I didn’t live in campus, I would commute between home and school, so a lot of the catchy things that happen within would whisk past me.”

“But three things I remember made campus years quite interesting.

“I loved cars, and still do. I would skip classes sometimes to go for test drives. A few of my friends knew this, and the whole idea of a lady doing test drives must have excited them. I drove different cars, but for me, Nissan was the best.

“My love for it remains even though it’s an expensive car. I think my driving is good having taken several test drives while at campus. Who wouldn’t want to drive a brand new car, fuelled by a company, just because they want to know how good the cars is? Not me.”
“I also loved to shop. Well, being a student, you can’t afford all you wish for. So in town, Sh50 looked like much and we would still bargain and get the same clothes at Sh30. Sh30 for a good top, who wouldn’t take that?

My friends and I would spend hours on end at the cafeteria of ‘fellowship and swallowship’ and by fellowship, I mean we’d engage in gossip, and ‘swallowship’, I guess you know that.”

“It’s a woman’s world to talk about things. So we’d say it out, laugh a lot and feel great thereafter. It’s what campus is made of, enjoying your time. It wasn’t such a boring time in campus after all, was it?”