The ‘honourable’ fight between Jaguar and Babu Owino would have ended tragically had the Embakasi East MP not fought back. This is according to Babu Owino who has said that he does not regret exchanging blows with his Starehe counterpart.

Speaking to journalists at Okoa Kenya offices on Tuesday, Babu Owino claimed he acted in self-defence after a “malicious attack” that would have ended his life.

“I cannot regret because I was defending myself. It was an act of self-defence in the face of a malicious attack. If I did not defend myself right now it would be a different story. Embakasi East residents would be missing their MP and Kenyan citizens would now be mourning,” said Babu.

He claimed that the attack might have been premeditated.

“If I did not defend myself, I would be dead by now because the way those people came to me was so strange and weird. Seemingly, they also had a group of people they had planned earlier to come and attack me,” he said.

The former University of Nairobi student leader said that he would not pursue the matter further.

“I will forgive them as the Bible says and I will follow the Bible. It is my choice not to report them. As Babu Owino, I am so innocent and I will not follow the law but just forgive them.”

“I would like to condemn the act done by Jaguar and his colleague Benjamin Gathiru of Embakasi Central with the contempt it deserves because that is an unbecoming conduct from a Member of Parliament.”