Over the last one week, you may have been led by those other blogs to believe that comedian Eric Omondi and rapper Khaligraph Jones are beefing.

It started with a leaked conversation between Eric Omondi and a friend gossiping about Khaligraph Jones and his Range Rover. In the conversation, Eric alleges that Khaligraph isn’t loaded enough to maintain a Range Rover.

However, it does not take the IQ of Einstein to figure out that the ‘beef’ is stage managed to market the social app Olla.

The alleged conversation was over the app and every social media post by Eric is accompanied by a mention of Olla.

It will also be remembered that this is not the first time that Eric has played tricks on us. Last year, he and Chantal broke the internet with a stage-managed fight at a restaurant to market OCharge, an airtime recharge app.

Eric has clearly mastered the art and yesterday he took the ‘beef’ to another convincing level when he rolled up at a petrol station in his Benz and forked out thousands for the fueling and oiling of Khaligraph’s Range Rover.

Check it out:

What are brothers for…Tusaidianeni. #OllaAtMeBro

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