Huddah Monroe is pissed off after she was bashed for sharing her political opinion on social media.

The popular socialite appeared to be questioning the credibility of the recent Supreme Court ruling nullifying Uhuru’s reelection.

Posting a picture of Supreme Court president David Maraga together with Nasa principals and James Orengo, Huddah wrote: “Politics is a dirty game! MARAGA with NASA team during the COUNT DOWN! Who can you REALLY trust? Poor us Kenyans we came out – we voted peacefully and we have to pay for things we didn’t do – anyways Lets all meet on the ballot boxes 17th October!”

She added the hashtags, #VoteWisely#MaintainPeace #KenyaDecides2017, but that was not enough to prevent a backlash from some of her 1 million Instagram followers.

In a subsequent social media post, a pissed off Huddah had a few choice words for her detractors who claimed her cosmetics business would suffer for making her political opinions known.

“DO NOT TELL ME who I can support and who I can’t! I am not even trying to get 100% of Kenyans to support my business!” stated Huddah.

Huddah also turned off commenting on her posts, saying: “You can’t keep abusing people coz you differ in opinions!”

“I am no PREACHER! I am a hustler! I have survived this far and I can survive anywhere! Unfollow if you feel like I am not on your side! DONT take “YOU ARE A BUSINESS WOMAN” to stop me from posting my decision! TUHESHIMIANE na UJINGA pelekeni mbali! NONSENSE!” Huddah ranted.