President Uhuru has described the decision by the Supreme Court to nullify the August 8 presidential election as wonders that have never been seen before.

He described the majority decision in the full judgment delivered on Wednesday as a coup by four people.

The president was speaking during a meeting with Jubilee Party leaders from Northern Kenya at State House, Nairobi, on Thursday.

“We have reversed everything in this country just by the decision of a few people. Mimi nimesikia maajabu lakini (I have heard wonders)…things that Kenyans refused when they voted for the new constitution…ai…ai.” said Uhuru as quoted by The Star.

Sisi kama taifa tumeonyeshwa maajabu ambayo hayajawahi onekana katika nchi yoyote inayo democracy duniani. Kura imefanywa na watu wanne pale kortini,” he said.

(As a country we have been shown wonders that have never taken place in any democratic country across the world. The vote was by four people at the court)

Eeee, mimi nimesikia maajabu, wenzangu. Yani sisi sote hatuna haki

(I have heard wonders, my friends. It is as if we all don’t have rights)

Uhuru said all the gains of the Constitution promulgated in 2010 were overturned by the judgment, which has allowed a few people to lead over the majority.

“This is a voice of a few, who on their own decided they can choose a leader for the majority of Kenyans. If this is not dictatorship, I don’t what it is,” he said.

“The judgment has shown the voice of the people matters no more. What matters is the voice of a few people, who arrogate to themselves powers they don’t have.”

Uhuru added that he was most stunned by the Supreme Court declaration that numbers don’t matter but the process.

“They say numbers don’t matter but they refused to look at the important documents, which is the only way to determine the expression of people’s sovereign will,” he said.

He said the judges should have ordered a recount of the ballots if they were genuine in their push for justice.

“In a free country source documents best express people will, but the judges refused to look at them. They are lucky they are dealing with a polite man, who respects the constitution and is not interested in seeing Kenyans fight,” he said.

Hakuna mwenye atazima sauti ya wakenya…na sisi hatutafanya hivyo kwa vita….hatutafanya hivyo kwa kupigana na wenzetu…tutafanya hivyo kwa kupiga kura.

Uhuru further asked the IEBC to outline measures they have taken ahead of the October vote.

Sisi tunataka IEBC ituambie ni mikakati gani wameweka na watuambie ni siku gana tutapiga kura.” (We want the IEBC to tells us the measures it has put in place and when we will vote).”

(We want the IEBC to tells us the measures it has put in place and when we will vote).”