Kenya’s top music producer Cedric Kadenyi alias Cedo has parted ways with the highflying Sauti Sol as their music director.

Cedo, who is behind some of Kenya’s biggest hits, announced the ‘breakup’ on social media.

He said: “I will always remember Ottawa as the city I played the last gig with my bros. It was mad fun,” he exclaimed. He continued “Lakini all Sauti Sol gigs are simply epic. Throughout the six years I have been their music director, we didn’t realise we were making a musical revolution, getting the Kenyan music narrative heard all over the world, we just did what we love to do: make good music. I am honoured to have been associated with the greatness that you guys are. I wish you well and I am so excited to experience your new music.”

Sauti Sol band members responded and appreciated Cedo for his work in those successful six years.

Chimano wrote: “Awwwwwwwwwwww @cedo_producer love you bro! What we’ve been through! Where we’ve been! The gigs we’ve played! The challenges and the epicness that we faced! Yo! We made a mark! ?#awesome #happiness#soulstyleattitude you are pure greatness! #FACT

Fancy Fingers added: “Me I love you man. So much ❤️”

While Bien commented: “You’re the best. You took us to a world stage. I can’t wait for the world to hear the stuff you’re doing with Nyash.”

The split, however, is somewhat of a bittersweet situation as Cedo is now fully focusing on taking Nyashinski to that Sauti Sol level.

He also confirmed that he is not fully cutting ties with the boy band.

“Yes, I am no longer working with Sauti Sol as their music director but I will still work with them in studio once in a while. I am working on my brand now and focusing on building what I did with Sauti Sol for Nyashinski whose music director I am now,” he said.