A pregnant woman was on Saturday raped and killed in her house in Uthiru, Kiambu County.

Yvonne Njeri, 21, was six months pregnant, the Standard reports. Her body was discovered in her bedroom by her younger sister who had gone to check on her at around 6 am.

The sister, Evelyne Wanjiru, said she found her sister’s naked body on the floor.

Their uncle, Julius Ngugi, said the assailants raped her then strangled her. The piece of cloth used to strangle her was found around her neck and tied to a seat.

“By the time we got to her bedroom after getting the information, she was already dead. We noticed signs of a commotion in the bedroom,” said Mr Ngugi.

“She had injuries on her face and we also suspect her attacker or attackers used a blunt object to hit her.”

“It appears the attacker or attackers scaled the window and went through the roof to access her bedroom where she was sleeping. We are not sure how many attackers they were or why they killed her,” he added.

The deceased’s mother, Eunice Wamaitha, said her daughter had told her of friction between her and her boyfriend, whom she said was the father of Njeri’s unborn baby.

She added that she had never met the boyfriend.

She further suspects that the killer must have been familiar with the house because he took keys from a tray in the living room and opened the main door while leaving.

“I demand justice for my daughter. Her killers must be brought to book. My daughter had a bright future that has been cut off by a monster. She wanted to pursue a career in the hospitality industry,” she said.

Dagoretti OCPD Rashid Mohammed said investigations into the killing are ongoing.

No arrests have been made.