Uhuru’s drinking habits are once again making news, this time in a campaign rally in Kisii.

Barely hours after Chief Justice David Maraga read the Supreme Court decision to annul his win, Uhuru went to Burma market where he launched scathing attacks on the Chief Justice and the rest of the bench. Among other words, Uhuru called them ‘wakora’.

There seems to be general consensus that the president had taken something before this rally. Indeed, COTU secretary general Francis Atwoli called a press conference the next day and told the president to ‘sober up’.

Yesterday, Raila revisited this matter in Kisii, which marked Nasa’s first campaign rally. He castigated the president for promising to ‘deal’ with Maraga, telling him that Kenyans will have sent him home before then.

”Maraga said that there was excessive rigging. That Uhuru did not win the election and there should be a fresh election. Uhuru got angry and drunk too much alcohol and started insulting Maraga saying he will deal with him. We are telling you that before you deal with Maraga, Kenyans will deal with you. We will send you home before you deal with Maraga.”

Watch his speech above. At around minute 1:00, Raila calls out Uhuru for his drinking.