A policeman attached to the Presidential Escort has shot and killed his girlfriend. 23 year old Anne Wanjohi paid with her life after she reportedly rejected a marriage proposal.

Anne, who worked at her sister’s cyber cafe in Nairobi CBD, was shot 5 times on Saturday evening by his boyfriend Constable Simon Njoroge Njau.

The constable then turned the gun on himself in an attempt to take his own life.

According to witnesses, the police officer entered Web Link Cyber Cafe along Tom Mboya street, opposite Fire Station. He found Anne attending to a client but insisted they talk.

“He wanted to talk to her about their relationship because she had wanted to break up with him over the past two weeks,” said Mr Ashford Hinga, Ms Wanjohi’s workmate.

“Anne was attending to a client but he insisted on talking to her. She said she was busy and needed to finish with the client,” he said.

The officer then stormed out of the cyber but continued texting Anne. He returned later when Anne was about to leave her workplace.

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He tried talking to her but she didn’t want to listen, at which point he pulled out a gun and shot her on the hand. People around the premises ran out and only returned when the shooting stopped.

“I ran away from the scene and when I came back after the shooting had stopped, I found the two on the floor. Anne was dead,” said Mr. Hinga.

All this time, Anne’s mother, Njambi Gacheru, was outside the premises waiting for her daughter to close so they can go home together.

“He found me outside. We spoke for a few minutes and then he went inside. He did not tell me his intentions but he had constantly told me that he loved my daughter,” said Ms Gacheru.

After shooting his girlfriend, the officer shot himself 3 times rendering himself unconscious. Police arrived at the scene and confiscated his official pistol and took Anne’s body to City Mortuary. The officer was meanwhile rushed to Kenyatta National hospital in critical condition.

Apparently, the two had known each other for only 3 months but the officer kept insisting they get married immediately. This made Anne uncomfortable and she started avoiding him.

According to Nairobi Police Commander Japhet Koome, Constable Njoroge will be charged once he is well enough.