A Nakuru preacher is grabbing headlines following a sensational declaration that President Uhuru Kenyatta will not rule again.

Michael Waititu, of the Messianic Assembly of Yahweh, said God himself nullified the presidential election “because he has taken over the rule to fulfill scriptures”, the Star reports.

Mr Waititu, a resident of Olenguruone in Kuresoi South quoted the Bible – Daniel 2:43-45 – saying Uhuru has been stripped of his powers.

“I am a Kikuyu but I can’t follow Jubilee blindly. I respect what God is saying…that Uhuru will no longer lead this country,” he said during an interview on Wednesday.

The preacher further claimed that Opposition leader Raila Odinga will never clinch the presidency.

With both leaders facing off in a repeat poll next month, what’s next for the country if they both won’t rule Kenya?

According to the preacher, the end of the world is nigh.

“My message to Kenyan politicians is that it is too late for them. The end of the world is here,” he said

Waititu, 73, said that with the nearing end, “everything will destabilise as God takes over.”

He said that he is set to go all over the country to preach the end of the world.

“I am now working on manifesto of the Gods kingdom to inform Kenyans the next phase that the country will take due to ongoing crisis,” he said.

The 1992 ethnic clashes evictee from Chepagundi settlement scheme left his family in an undisclosed place to preach in Olenguruone town and is squatting in a room next to Kuresoi Police Divisional Headquarters.