Formerly conjoined twins Blessing Kathure and Favour Karimi were in a joyous mood as they celebrated their first birthday apart.

The twins, who warmed their way into Kenyans’ hearts, celebrated their third birthday on 7th September.

They were joined by family, friends and Kenyatta National Hospital staff to celebrate their special birthday, which is their first since they were separated about 10 months ago.

The bash was also their first outside the hospital having celebrated their first and second birthday conjoined while they were admitted at KNH.

The birthday coincided with a visit by the KNH who were making follow-up and assessment on the condition of the children post discharge. The team that consisted of a Nurse, Medical Social Worker, Chaplaincy and Corporate Affairs & Communication noted that the children had adapted well to their new environment and integrated well with the community.

The twins mother, Ms Caroline Mukiri, extended her heartfelt gratitude to management and staff of KNH for the unwavering support extended to her and the children.

“I am indebted to KNH family because had it not for you, it would not have been an easy journey.”

“When we were discharged, I was worried about the life out of hospital where I had spent more than two years and I was not sure how my relatives and friends will receive me” added Mukiri.

However, she noted that her worries came to pass when she was positively received by both relatives and the community.

The girls, who were joined at the pelvis were separated about 10 months ago the KNH in an operation that lasted for 23 hours and reportedly cost sh160 million.

A team of 58, led by pediatric surgeon Fred Kabuni, performed the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa, at dawn on Tuesday, November 1, 2016, until 5 am the following day.

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