In 2015, Israel Robert Burale came out to the public and opened up about his marital status.

Burale, who is a pastor and a motivational speaker, revealed that his marriage fell apart after exactly one year and two days. He and his ex-wife got married back in 2012.

“ITS TIME..many people ask me “RB how come we don’t see you posting photos of your wife?” There comes a time one has to be naked and unashamed. Well I got married in 2012 and after exactly one year and two days my marriage collapsed,” Burale declared.

Now, the rumor mill is rife that the image consultant is planning a wedding.

Apparently, over the last three months, people close to him have been receiving messages that he is planning to remarry with a woman named Praxedes.

But according to Burale, the messages are from fake social media accounts run by con artists trying to raise funds for “his wedding.”

He addressed the issue on his official Facebook account, writing: “ATTENTION ….I never answer to some issues but sometimes one has to stand and stop some nonsense . For the last 3 months some fake social media accounts(opened for a day and deleted) have been sending messages to people known to me stating that I am planning a wedding with someone called Praxedes and names keep changing (the only praxedes I know is my auntie?)….some even asking for funds to help my wedding ….I wish to state that I married in 2012 and marriage ended ... so whoever is purporting to raise funds for a wedding to some praxedes or whoever should be ignored. Unless I am getting married in my sleep..”

Burale, who is the founder of the famous motivational talk show THE NAKED TRUTH, recently launched ‘The RB Live Show’ which airs every Monday at 8 PM on Facebook Live.