A 40-year-old man in Kuresoi North, Nakuru County stands accused of defiling three minors on the same day.

Bernard Ndung’u appeared in a Molo court on Thursday and charged with three counts of defilement.

The girls aged 7, 8, and 10, testified that the accused gave them Sh10 each to buy sweets and later cooked food for them in his house, before defiling them one by one. The incident happened at Temoyetta village on September 16.

“The girls were playing outside on Sunday when he approached them and promised to buy them sweets if they agreed to go into his house afterwards. Since they knew him as a neighbor, they did not think he would harm them,” a sister to one of the girls told Nation.

She said the girl had kept the incident a secret until Tuesday evening when one of the children alluded to it as they were playing.

“I heard one of their friends telling them how foolish they were for agreeing to be given Sh10 in exchange for being defiled. That was when I knew what happened,” she added.

The sister added that the suspect had told the girls he would never give them money again and would also beat them up if they told anyone about the incident.

One of the parents reported that her daughter started complaining on Sunday afternoon that she was urinating blood and was feeling pain in her genitals.

“At first I thought she had a growth or a urinary tract infection. I did not think the bleeding was a result of defilement,” she said.

Later that day, she said her daughter went back to the suspect’s house saying she had been promised Sh10 by the man.

She asked her older son to follow the girl, and found her at the house of the accused, already with Sh10 in hand.

“When she came back I beat her up and warned her against accepting money from people but I did not know that the harm was already done, until Tuesday,” she said.

Resident magistrate Rita Amwai granted the accused a bond of Sh 500,000 with a surety of a similar amount. The case will be heard on October 5.