Controversial Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria, is at it again. Kuria who had taken a conciliatory approach after the August 8th general election applied reverse gear and reverted to what made him famous.

In two Facebook posts this weekend, Kuria used some very unflattering words against Nasa presidential candidate Raila Odinga. He was clearly angered by the Supreme Court decision to annul Uhuru’s win, saying that the Supreme Court will now be reconstituted to include all 45 million Kenyans, to confirm Uhuru’s victory in 60 days.

He compared Raila to those Biblical demons that were very difficult to cast out, but were eventually cast to the pigs.

He wrote:

In another 58 days, the Supreme Court will sit again. However it will be reconstituted. This time 45 Million Kenyans will be on that bench. Even in the Bible it is not an easy task to cast away demons. They always come back kicking and screaming till they are finally exorcised and cast to the pigs. What happened on Friday at the Supreme Court was just that….The demon Raila that we kicked out on 8th August attempted a come back. In 58 days we will kick it out for good and cast it to the pigs and cast the pigs to the sea. Twende Kazi. God is on our side. He is just testing our demon casting faith levels. #MbeleIkoSawa

It did not stop there. In another post, he promised to rally parliament to effect new changes to the electoral process. The first is to do away with the electronic transmission of results, which seems to have been the biggest bone of contention. From the judges brief summary of their ruling, it was clear they factored in the transmission process before arriving at the decision. This was notwithstanding the arguments that the final results was based on a manual count and tally.

Kuria further stated that he will push for changes that will see the Supreme Court require a minimum of 5 judges to overturn a presidential election. As it stands currently, a simple majority is all required.

But it wouldn’t be characteristic Moses Kuria if he did not end his post without saying something nasty about Raila. This is what he wrote.

My first business in parliament

1. No more electronic transmission of results. We count all votes at the constituency and declare them there .

2. Supreme Court will require minimum of 5 judges to overturn results

I will easily get support of 233 members

Raila if you don’t like it use your underwear to commit suicide