One of the most memorable statements by former Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto was, “Msiponyamaza, hii mkutano itakwisha.”

He said this during an event attended by Deputy President William Ruto after a section of the crowd booed him. It was an incredibly bold move which has probably never been tried before. Undermining the power of a Deputy President and threatening to bring his meeting to a close.

That was probably when he signed his political suicide note.

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It appears as though Ruto and his inner circle transformed this into some kind of inside joke. A video has surfaced showing the Deputy President at Anniversary Towers yesterday, where he had gone to meet IEBC officials. After stepping out of the lift, he asked no one in particular where the meeting was.

“Ama mkutano imekwisha..” he added at which point Kipchumba Murkomen burst out in laughter.

It could also be that he was making fun of Nasa principals’ move a few minutes earlier, where they walked out of the meeting in anger.

Watch that clip.