Comedian Jasper Muthomi alias MC Jessy has revealed a little-known detail about his past.

The Churchill Raw show host comes from a humble background in Meru which he says nurtured him into being the person he is today.

Mc Jessy is currently one of the most sought after events hosts in the country and word on the street has it that he charges around Sh 200 000 to host gig.

However, before he became the big shot comedian he is today, his journey to the top was not rosy. He did menial jobs to make ends meet including selling chips mwitu and working as a farm hand.

After completing his secondary school education, Mc Jessy came to Nairobi in search of greener pastures. Without a place to stay, he was taken in by classmate’s parents.

“It was easy for them to accommodate me because their son used to stay at our place when he came to Meru,” said Jessy.

“They were seven of them and were living a small house in Kawangware, so we used to sell mandazi every morning. Their mother would tell me to sell five extra mandazis and pay myself with them. During the day, we sold chips mwitu.”

After staying with them for months, Jessy met a former friend who was a son to a Member of Parliament then.

He was taken in again and employed as a farm hand.

“One day, I was in town and met up with an old friend. We went to their home in one of the leafy suburbs and I started staying with them. His father was an MP at that time and he saw our friendship with his son. Funny enough, he made me his shamba boy. I used to wash clothes and cook,” said Mc Jessy.