Police have been put on the spot over a suicide incident involving a man who had been arrested for shooting a pilot in 2011.

According to reports, Saavan Arunkumar Shah, 32, shot himself inside a toilet at a hotel in Westlands, Nairobi, last Saturday.

Crime scene investigators said they did not find any suicide note at the Asmara Restaurant where the man shot himself.

Nairobi deputy police boss Richard Kerich said officers found the body in a pool of blood on the floor of a toilet.

“We don’t know the motive of the shooting, but we will soon find out as investigations go on,” he said.

The detectives recovered his pistol with 12 bullets.

In 2011, Shah was arrested for shooting Shanne C. West, in Naivasha. He accidentally shot and injured the Australian pilot on November 11 at a wedding party at Sopa Lodge.

West, with over 11,000 flying hours, was confined to a wheelchair following the shooting that damaged his spine.

Mr Shah was arrested and his gun confiscated but he was later released and handed back his firearm in unclear circumstances.

Shah, who was a licensed gun holder, was the only son of Arun Hansraj Shah and Dipti Arun Shah.