Harrison Mumia – AIK Chairman

Atheists in Kenya (AIK) have once again the existence of God by altering a recent quote by Chief Justice David Maraga.

The association, known for making sensational headlines, have edited out the words “the fear of God” from the CJ’s quote.

Posting the quote from Justice Maraga alongside his picture on Atheists’ official Facebook page, they canceled out the last words where Maraga underscores the need to fear God.

The quote reads: “The greatness of a nation lies in its fidelity to its constitution and stick adherence to the rule of law and above all the fear of God.”

According to Kenyan atheists, that quote should have ended at the word law.

Maraga, a God-fearing and ardent Seventh Day Adventist Christian, gave the quote when he presided over Nasa’s presidential petition.

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