Apparently, popular girl-about-town Huddah Monroe does not swing the girls way.

The petite beauty has been forced to address questions about her sexuality after she was bombarded with questions from curious fans. Taking to Instagram to put the matter to rest, Huddah also hinted she might be in a relationship.

“I miss my KING!,” wrote Huddah.

She went on to answer those who have been asking if she is bisexual by professing her undying love for the male genitalia.

“I am not BISEXUAL! I DON’T do WOMEN! I love DICK too much!.” declared Huddah.

She also revealed that most of her friends are gay.

“I miss my KING! And for those who keep asking on my DM! I am not BISEXUAL! I DON’T do WOMEN! I love D*CK too much!??
Most of my friends are GAY ?and I love them to death but I don’t swing that way with women! Sawa? Thanks . Love you! ❤️”