As we end the week, let’s look at some of the stories making headlines.

21 children, 2 adults killed in fire at Malaysian school

Eyewitnesses reported being woken by cries for help from inside the burning building, where children appeared trapped by metal window grills. “I saw children kicking on the grill but they couldn’t get out. My friends and I rushed over and tried to reach them but we couldn’t get in,” eyewitness Shahirman Shahril told CNN.

No nuclear weapons in South Korea, says President Moon

“I do not agree that South Korea needs to develop our own nuclear weapons or relocate tactical nuclear weapons in the face of North Korea’s nuclear threat,” he told CNN Thursday in his first televised interview since North Korea’s sixth nuclear test.

Exclusive: Rice on unmasking Trump officials

Former national security adviser Susan Rice privately told House investigators that she unmasked the identities of senior Trump officials to understand why the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates was in New York late last year, multiple sources told CNN.

Clinton: Abolish the Electoral College

Clinton, in the interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, displayed her animus for fired FBI Director James Comey, reflected on her love for the people — namely former President Bill Clinton — who helped her get through the crushing loss and blasted the arcane election body that she believes helped Donald Trump win the presidency.

Mnuchin asked to use a government jet for his honeymoon

A Treasury Department spokesperson told CNN in a statement that Mnuchin made the request to ensure he had access to secure lines of communication when he and his new wife, Louise Linton, were traveling. “Treasury withdrew its request after a secure communications option was identified during the Secretary’s extended travel,” the spokesperson said Wednesday.

Sarah Sanders calls ESPN host Jemele Hill’s anti-Trump tweets ‘fireable offense’

From the White House podium, Sarah Sanders said Hill’s criticism of the president was a “fireable offense by ESPN.” It was a highly unusual moment — a White House official seemingly recommending that a Trump critic be booted from a television network.

Elon Musk: Tesla will reveal semi-truck ‘beast’ next month

The electric vehicle maker is aiming to unveil the Tesla Semi and do a test ride on Oct. 26, according to CEO Elon Musk. “Worth seeing this beast in person,” he tweeted late Wednesday. “It’s unreal.” The launch date is a bit later than Musk had suggested earlier this year.

The iPhone X is designed for a generation of selfie takers

The biggest news out of Apple’s event yesterday was the debut of its wild iPhone X. Apple saved the device for last and took its time expounding the phone’s technical feats, yet the highlight of the presentation was far more carefree: an overview of animated emoji, a selfie portrait mode, and Snapchat filters.

Tesla plans to unveil its all-electric semi truck on October 26th

Tesla’s awaited next phase in self-driving trucks has been much-discussed since the unveil of the Model 3 electric car in July. Now, CEO Elon Musk has given a target date for an unveiling and the first slate of test drives of his company’s next expansion in automotive transportation.

Would you pay $400 for a pillow that always stays cold?

The startup Moona has debuted a smart pillow pad on Kickstarter that not only adjusts the pillow’s temperature throughout the night, but has an app to give you an analysis of your sleep patterns. The product is essentially a water bottle combined with a memory foam pad that you strap to the top of your existing pillow.

Drones carrying blood could be the future of rural medicine

A drone flew chilled human blood for 160 miles over the hot Arizona desert – smashing records for transport of biological samples on a remotely operated vehicle. The blood was still in good condition after the three-hour flight, which means that the growing role of drones in rural medical care really could have the potential to save lives.

Russia launches huge war games

Russia and Belarus have launched a large-scale joint military exercise, called Zapad-2017, which has made nearby Nato countries nervous. It is one of Russia’s biggest military exercises since its 2014 annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea peninsula. Russia’s defence ministry says about 12,700 troops are participating, but Nato expects the numbers to be higher.

World’s oldest panda dies in China

The world’s oldest captive giant panda has died, according to her keepers in China’s south-eastern Fuzhou province. At 37, Basi had outlived all her panda peers, reaching the equivalent of more than a hundred in human years. Giant pandas are regarded as symbols of China and are highly protected.

How real is assassination threat to Kim Jong-un?

Reports that South Korea, in the wake of North Korea’s dramatic 3 September test of a massive thermonuclear bomb, has approved plans to establish a special forces unit to assassinate Kim Jong-un appear to signal a sharp change of direction in the foreign policy of South Korea’s President Moon Jae-in.

Trump and Democrats ‘reach Dreamers deal’

Two top US Democrats say they have reached a deal with President Donald Trump to protect thousands of young undocumented migrants from deportation. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer said they also agreed to work on a border security package that would exclude Mr Trump’s proposed wall with Mexico.

North Korea Threatens To Use Nukes On Japan, U.S. For Supporting Sanctions

SEOUL/JAPAN, Sept 14 (Reuters) – A North Korean state agency threatened on Thursday to use nuclear weapons to “sink” Japan and reduce the United States to “ashes and darkness” for supporting a U.N. Security Council resolution and sanctions over its latest nuclear test.

Yes, Twitter Loves Porn And Porn Loves Twitter

When someone on Ted Cruz’ Twitter account “liked” a porn video earlier this week, it ripped the covers of a dirty not-so-secret: Twitter and porn are perfect bedmates. “Twitter loves porn,” is the blunt way that Daron Press, president of Camsoda, an adult entertainment specializing in cam shows, put it to HuffPost.

‘Sopranos’ Actor Frank Vincent Reportedly Dies At 78

Actor Frank Vincent, known for a variety of roles including Phil Leotardo on “The Sopranos,” has died, according to TMZ. He was 78. According to reports, Vincent suffered a heart attack last week and died during open heart surgery in a New Jersey hospital on Wednesday.

James Corden As Pennywise The ‘It’ Clown Will Scare The Socks Off You

James Corden’s hilarious ” It ” parody is something to be scared silly by. The “Late Late Show” host aired his own spoof take on the hit horror movie on Wednesday night, and things got frightening pretty quick. The skit centered on Corden, complete in Pennywise the clown’s makeup, being mistakenly sent out to deal with an office worker’s I.T.