Since NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga promised to take Kenyans to Canaan once elected president on August 8 2017, the Canaan hysteria has been a key theme all over social media.

Last month in particular, Canaan jokes broke the internet and it was a joy to behold.

Well, ever wondered if the self-proclaimed ‘Joshua’ ever got time to see the memes? Wonder no more.

In an interview with SDE, Raila has finally spoken about the Canaan memes. He said that on that morning of the 8th August poll he had started received hilarious messages in his inbox. “….on the polling day, early morning at 5 am, I got messages….we are already crossing River Jordan”

He noted that it gave him satisfaction knowing that there were many people who were determined by the new political journey.

Speaking about the Canaan memes, Raila did one better by reading some of the jokes shared by Kenyans on Twitter.

Watch below