A student who bravely fought to rescue her colleagues from a deadly fire that broke out at Moi Girls School in Nairobi has died.

Mary Njengo Mokaya, 14, took it upon herself to awaken her colleagues as the raging flames spread through the dormitory known as Purple at 2 am on Saturday.

Mary, who sustained 66 per cent burns during the inferno, succumbed to her injuries Monday morning.

According to her colleagues, when Mary woke up and saw one of the beds on fire, she took her own blanket and moved to the decker that was in the middle of the cubicle and tried putting out the fire while screaming orders to her sleeping classmates to wake up and escape.

“She went from bed to bed hitting us and asking us to wake up,” one of the students said.

The student said Mary, popularly known by her friends as ‘Meg’, made sure that all the students who used to sleep in her dormitory, on the ground floor of the Kabarnet Block, were out.

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“By this time, the fire was spreading very fast to other beds, which were very close to one another.

“When all of us were safely out of danger, a determined Meg decided to rush to the dormitory on the top floor to wake up the rest of the girls.

“I still remember hearing her voice calling out the rest of the students to rush out.

“She kept telling them to run and not to mind being naked. She kept telling them not to take anything because their lives were more important. She was loud enough” she said.

Mary’s aunt, Anne Emali, said on Monday the school’s matron told them that some survivors of the tragedy were grateful to her for saving their lives.

“The matron told us how our brave little girl tried everything within her powers to save her friends. She was waking them up and even went back to make sure everyone was out of the dorms,” said Emali.

Emali said the family had been informed by the doctors that Mary had died.

She said the family was devastated but was not surprised by their daughter’s brave gesture because she had always been a kind and caring soul.