For a guy who has always striven to stay off controversy, Eric Omondi should have known better than to party with Kenya’s male socialite Joe Muchiri.

Last Saturday, the comedian and the Capital FM producer were among the revelers who wasted their time and cash to attend another disappointing concert by a Nigerian artist.

When a wise man once said that bad company corrupts good character, he was right. Embarrassing pictures of the comedian have now emerged, shared by the main protagonist Joe Muchiri.

In one of the shared clips, Eric is seen imbibing hard liquor straight from the bottle but gags and throws up.

In another snap, Joe Muchiri, aware of his bad intentions, wrote: “We’re going to hell.”

The pictures have sparked uproar on social media with fans of the funny man expressing their disappointment. Others have advised the comedian to change his friends because true friends would not risk ruining his reputation by exposing him like that.

The pics