Apparently, kissing with the eyes closed is an issue according to some Kenyans on social media.

However, these people represent the few who are yet to get the memo because almost everyone kisses with their eyes closed.

It is an intriguing phenomenon that scientists have conducted studies in an attempt to explain why.

Last year, psychologists concluded that people close their eyes while kissing to allow the brain to properly focus on the task in hand.

A study on vision and tactile sensory experience at Royal Holloway, University of London, concluded the brain finds it difficult to process another sense while also concentrating on the visual stimuli.

With that said, Eric Omondi found himself in unfamialiar territory when he shared such a kiss with his fiancee Chantal Grazioli.

The comedian posted on Instagram a cute picture of himself with his Italian beauty kissing and social media, as expected, had something interesting to say.

Here are some comments:

?❤ @miss.chanty

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  • shantemsoo:  Mbona mnafunga macho ???simkodoleane kodo ???ama ni kukasikizia ?????…..mko vizuri anyway
  • 2mbili: Alafu kwa church hamtaki kufunga macho … Bro ile kiberiti itaashwa nayo moto yako bado mti yake inamea ??? … #SuperCouple
  • ericomondi: @2mbili ?????????
  • shaz_darling: Tabia mbaya ??
  • dianasharong:  Hahah… Eric are you kissing or drinking???
  • cheberur_chepchikoni; Aki mbona hamjaoga?
  • Open ur eyes
  • bobbrian92: Kissing like an Anfricanah..
  • lumbasifredric: Open eyes you aren’t in church
  • mtemison: @ericomondi men don’t close their eyes when they kiss #Utaibiwa
  • dj_trevor_the_scracth_master: Fungua macho bwana
  • njukistanley: Mpaka kufunga macho jo….
  • ambanilivingstone1725: Haha, Ericko hio nayo ilikukataa round hii, kiss achana nayo
  • tonykuligher: What are these two girls kissing in front of everyone?
  • iamedkamau: Yawah! Kiss Mama vizuri @ericomondi fungua mdomo vizuri utafune lips,??. #greatcouples
  • mauce_morreh: Fungueni macchoo
  • tiony_onesmus: why close eyes?
  • sir.mbuyuaiiii: yawah, fungueni macho muangaliane vizuri aki
  • retlawmociku:Aki guys sura mbaya huangukia ma slayqueens @ericomondithis lovely
  • john_savai: Open ur eyes