Gatundu South Member of Parliament Moses Kuria is, once again, on the spotlight for things he said.

With a reputation of making very strange, hurtful and inciteful statements, Moses Kuria took it a notch higher this week after visiting Wangige in Kiambu county. On Facebook, he made a post that has been interpreted as stirring ethnic hate.

He said that there will be a ‘manhunt’ in Kiambu for the 70,000 people who voted for that ‘demon’ Raila, alongside the 200,000 who did not turn up to vote.

“Kiambu has spoken. They have said Wembe ni Ule Ule. Wangige and Kiambu people are seething with anger. 1 Million of their votes were cancelled by 4 people. But they are so ready to do it again. And even more. Manhunt is on tonight for the 200,000 people who did not vote and the 70,000 that voted for that other demon.”

The post is still up on his page, despite receiving condemnation from non other than Jubilee Secretary General Raphael Tuju.

Watch Tuju speak about it on NTV’s Sidebar.

There are also some unverified claims that Kuria stated that he would ‘circumcise Raila with scissors’. So far I’ve not seen any of his post or a video of him saying so, but flamboyant lawyer Donald Kipkorir commented on it anyway.

On Twitter, Donald wrote, “Why is Moses Kuria obsessed with Baba’s genitalia? Does he want Baba to sleep with him? Does Moses know 80% of World pop doesn’t circumcise?”

He also compared Kuria’s style of tribal campaign to the Nazis.