Former Str8 Up host Tero Mdee underwent a positive transformation into a gospel singer and one Joe Muchiri was unable to cope.

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Following news of Tero’s transformation into Nancy Hebron, the controversial male socialite who describes himself as misunderstood took to Instagram to post vile comments about her.

His distasteful comments, however, were not taken lying down by some, including DJ Kaytrixx and gospel rapper Collo.

DJ Kaytrixx, who used to co-host Str8 Up  show with Tero Mdee, came to her defence and schooled the Capital FM presenter. While rapper Collo, who also made the transformation from secular to gospel, quoted the Bible verse Psalm 105:15.

He simply wrote: “Do not touch my anointed ones; do my prophets no harm.”

Kaytrixx wrote: “I don’t agree with this post. It’s not right to say things about someone who you don’t know about. She was looking for something that no one could provide. A woman doesn’t want to keep looking over her shoulder as her partner is out partying with other women. Women want stability and for sure she got it in the “pastor” who is also a man just like you and me (lazima alijitetea and he convinced the lady). Now you can say all you like but the woman is happy (even visibly), the man is taking care of her and it is right in God’s eyes. Question ; If she was your wife and she told you she wanted to shoot a gospel video would you agree? If she asked you to leave the women and stay faithful to her would you do it or would you be creepin around?? He he, don’t set a standard you can’t keep, when you point one finger at someone , 4 point back at you.”