In another real world consequence of fake online news, a group of church women yesterday went through a scary experience at Kisumu’s Jumuia Hotel.

The women, coming from the whole of Nyanza, were participating in an interfaith meeting to discuss gender based violence witnessed after the August 8 general elections.

As the meeting was going on, someone reportedly made a post on Facebook alleging that the purpose of the meeting was to buy ID cards. Such allegations have been frequent in recent days, with Jubilee taking the most stick. Apparently, some ‘agents’ have been going to perceived Nasa strongholds buying ID cards of a few thousand shillings, in a bid to reduce Raila’s vote numbers.

Over the weekend, former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama repeated the same claims, telling their supporters to remain vigilant and to put a stop on such schemes when spotted.

Well, they did exactly that on Wednesday, only that this was as a result of fake news.

A large group of hooligans stormed the hotel at around lunch time, looking for those engaging in the act. According to Capital FM, they proceeded to the hall where the meeting was taking place, roughed up the women and tossed chairs.

Many of the women reported losing their phones, and at least a few laptops were also stolen.

Jacklin Atieno, who was attending the meeting said they were shocked when they saw a group of youth storm their meeting place. She said their meeting had nothing to do with ID buying.

Other the women, hotel owners will also count their loses, as the youths shattered window panes and demolished a perimeter wall. Businesses near the hotel were shut down as the hooligans engaged police in running battles.

This incident seems to have angered President Uhuru, who barely hours later issued a stern warning to those out to destroy property. Uhuru was addressing a delegation from Kisii at State House Nakuru.