One week ago, activist Okiya Omtatah gave Central Bank governor Patrick Njoroge 7 days to remove the face of Jomo Kenyatta from all Kenyan bank notes. According to the 2010 constitution, our currency should have images that depict certain aspects of Kenya, and not faces of individuals.

The Central Bank has however failed to implement this requirement since the promulgation of the constitution in 2010. But the CBK governor has now reportedly committed to setting the ball rolling on the design and production of the new currency.

For the past few days, images of the new proposed currency have been doing rounds on social media. It is unclear where they came from, but the Central Bank has denied officially releasing the new designs.

The attention to detail can only possibly have come from the CBK, and its likely some staff members let the cat out before time.

All denominations have so far made their way online, namely Sh50 containing a buffalo, the Sh100 note which contains a leopard, Sh200 note which contains two rhinos, Sh 500 note that contains a lion and the Sh1000 note which appropriately contains an elephant.

This completes the Big 5.

But some funny characters think the 50 shilling note should contain a picture of our traffic police officers. Well, it is their favourite tool of work, so why not.

Or perhaps paying homage to the ‘real Kenyan heroes’, Team Mafisi.

All in all, we will have to wait for the final Central Bank confirmation before we know how our new currency will look like.