Police are required to conduct riot drills ahead of the Supreme Court ruling on the presidential petition on Friday.

Commanders in specific parts of the country have also been ordered to recall juniors who are on leave or off duty.

“You are also instructed to continue with riot drill practices so that we can be ready for any eventuality,” read an internal memo sent to commanders.

The commanders were also instructed to ensure all police officers of all ranks remain at their respective work stations during and after the ruling.

The move is aimed at containing any form of violence that may erupt depending on the nature of ruling that will be issued.

The new orders come as police in Nairobi continue to close parts of the streets near the Supreme Court.

City Hall way, Taifa Road and part of Wabera Street remained closed as the hearing of the petition inches closer to the Friday ruling.

Nairobi police boss Japheth Koome said the blockade, which was imposed on Saturday, is aimed at ensuring judges have a conducive environment to make their decisions.

“We don’t want the groups to come and disrupt peace. Let them stay away and wait for the outcome,” he said.