“When you make moves.. Always move in silence.” Those were the words by Elani band member Bryan Chweya when he unveiled his new acquisition.

True to his words, the mellow-voiced singer will surely be moving in silence inside the comfort of his luxurious new wheels.

The multi-talented musician, guitarist, songwriter, and advocate of the High Court of Kenya, has ‘copped’ a silver German machine.

A few months ago, owning a car was just but a valid dream as revealed by the singer.

By Sunday, the dream had come true as he took to Instagram to show off the sleek BMW. He even captioned it with an inspiring quote about hustle.

He wrote: “Just something small i have learnt about life and the hustle.. When you make moves.. Always move in silence.Not everyone around you is there to make you GROW.Live,UNDERSTAND and learn.We all go through the worst of times but how you come out in the end ALWAYS matters. #Firstofmany.”

The photo: