Traditionally, this Friday should have been a national holiday. Muslims will be celebrating Idd-Ul-Adha, and the government usually offers a day off to everyone else.

Tomorrow was assumed to be no different, except it is not.

In a statement by acting Interior Secretary Fred Matiang’i, the only people expected to keep off from work are adherents of the Muslim religion. Employers are required to allow them to be away from work, but for everyone else, it will be a normal working day.

Matiang’i goes on to state that though the holiday is listed as a ‘Muslim holiday’, plans are underway to present a bill in parliament that will have it declared a ‘National Public Holiday’.

Well, the only reason we can think for this turn of events is the significance of tomorrow. The Supreme Court will be delivering their judgment this Friday. Perhaps the government saw it wise to have the public busy in their work places instead of free at home. A court ruling of such political significance will likely cause some kind of unpleasant reaction from those who see it as not fair. If the ruling is delivered during the day, it is probably best if people are working and not idle.

Meanwhile in Uganda..