Reality television star and singer, Stacy Engoke better-known by her stage name Pendo, has opened up on the recent sex toy saga in which she was accused of refusing to pay.

Beverly Munga, the owner of G spot Kenya, an online shop for dildos and sex toys, shamed the socialite on social media saying Pendo had requisitioned for a vibrator which was delivered at her home address.

Ms Munga, a lawyer, revealed that when she called Pendo during delivery, she was told to leave the package with the gate guard and will receive the Sh5, 000 payment via M-Pesa.

A week later,  Ms Munga had not received the payment, prompting her to take to social media.

Despite the public embarrassment, Pendo flat out refused to pay, after which film producer Mercy Murugi decided to take the matter into her own hands and settle the bill.

Pendo, while speaking to Word Is, told her side of the story and explained that she never paid for the self-pleasure tool because she was on a flight.

The Nairobi Diaries star had earlier denied the claims, saying that it was an imposter using her identity who ordered for the sex toy. She recalled that something similar happened back in 2015 when it was demanded that she pay for a prostate massager ordered from under her name.

However, in a change of tune, the socialite claims that because of her, Ms Munga’s business is more popular.

“I’m not paying even a dime. I’m sure people didn’t know she sells vibrators and dildos and now she is making money from my branding. But she saw the best way is to put my photo and phone number on social media.”

She added: “If we go to court, I will not pay anything because of defamation of character. Business is not handled that way. In fact, she is the one supposed to pay me. I’m not going to sue her, si ametengeneza business yake. Atafutemtumwingine basi.”

She concluded by saying that she won’t be changing her phone number and is going to pick all the calls she will be getting after her digits were exposed to the public.