Some Kenyans have in recent years made decent ‘careers’ out of gaming. The prospects of multiplying your money is too lucrative to ignore, but unfortunately the success stories have been few.

One of the biggest complaints about all betting and lottery companies is the deceiving acts they pull. For instance, predicting the maximum number of games wins you a jackpot, which increases every week.

However, this is not a walk in the park, and therefore they have introduced bonuses for a certain number of correct predictions. These can range from a few thousands to a few hundreds of thousands.

These bonuses are ever too contentious, especially because the bookmakers are never straightforward with the actual winnings expected. There was a huge ‘scandal’ last year when many Kenyans who had placed their bet in one of the companies ended up receiving a less than 200 bob bonus. In normal circumstances, that should have been around Sh20,000.

The company came out and clarified that there were an unexpectedly high number of winners that weekend, and the bonus had to be shared. Kenyans were angry, and they had genuine reasons to be.

That practice of sharing bonuses is still in practice and there has been no better alternative…. until now.

Pokea Dola has come in to fill the void, and they are promising undiluted winnings no matter the number of winners. For example, if you play for Sh15,000, you win exactly that… no buts or ifs.

Pokea Dola is an American lottery operating in New York, Florida and a few other US states. It’s entry into the Kenyan market is believed to be a game changer. Unlike other companies who hide lots of details in their terms of service, Pokea Dola is as straightforward as they get. They conduct their activities in a clear manner, with a very reliable customer service.

So how does it work?

1. Dial *671# from your Safaricom line and follow on-screen instructions to register. (If asked for an affiliate code, use 6396)

2. Once you’re in, you top up your account using M-Pesa Paybill number 877142 account Dola. You just need 50 bob to get started. You can check your balance using the same code *671#.

3. If you happen to forget your password, you can call customer care on 0711 082238 for support.

4. Select any state from the list provided.

Now to the juicy part… Play.

You have choice of choosing your own numbers (Preferred) or letting the system select for you (Random).

You’ll also encounter the Straight or Boxed option. Straight simply means you’re going for the whole thing with the confidence of a lion. You will only win if the winning numbers are in the order you selected. i.e. If the winning number is 280, you only win if you selected exactly that.

In this case, the reward is the full Sh15,000.

The other option is boxed, where you win if your numbers appear in any order. For instance in the above combination, 820 is also a winner, and so is 028. The payout in this case is Sh3000.

How easy can this be. Unlike other lotteries where you need to select upwards of 10 digits, Pokea Dola just has 3.

The winning combinations are announced daily, and the money deposited into your account immediately. You can withdraw via Mpesa.

Bonus– When you register and play, you get a bonus FREE ticket of the same amount to play again.

And that’s not even the best part. For the first time in Kenya, you can refer new gamers and earn every time they place their money.

You just need to register as an affiliate, and from there you have a guaranteed 10% of every money played by someone you refer. Of course this is a game of numbers and the bigger the number of referrals you make, the more you earn. Some guys are already making a very decent amount this way every month. You just need to tell everyone you know and even some that you don’t.

Here’s how to begin as an affiliate.

1. Register – Go to and register to become an affiliate. You can also call/text or WhatsApp Carolyne on 0799 008 110 and she can help you.

2. Get Code– Once you register, you will be issued with a code on Text. You will also request and receive material to support you get started with your promotions.

3. Promote & Refer – Use your networks to promote Pokea Dola. Remember to display your Code and also to remind people to register using that code.

4. Earn– 10% commission whenever your gamers play. So, push them to play at least the first time and then to play some more because, the more they play, the more you earn.

5. Get Paid – Affiliates get paid their commissions every Friday. You may also get your stats by sending the word “stats” to 29771 or go to

Surely, what is it that could be preventing you from grabbing this opportunity?

For more info:

Pokea Dola Facebook –

Pokea Dola Twitter – @Pokeadola