For the first time in a long while, we have a positive Uber story to share.

Every other day, Kenyan netizens will take to social media to share their bad experiences with Uber drivers in Kenya but not this time.

A Facebook user identified as Yvonne Odhiambo has used the platform to share her recent experience with an Uber driver identified as Evans Mutui.

Yvonne on Monday hailed a taxi within the Nairobi CBD but the driver had trouble locating her. As a result, Yvonne after her successful ride took to facebook to troll the driver for being unable to read his GPS gadget.

This is what she posted:

Well, her encounter with Mr Mutui did not end there!

Yvonne, after reaching her destination on Monday evening, forgot her backpack in the taxi. According to Yvonne, the backpack had cash but she did not reveal how much.

Luckily for her, the driver she had trolled returned her bag on Tuesday morning.

A humbled Yvonne once again took to Facebook to sing the praises of Mr Mutui for the rare gesture.

She wrote;

  • Drwawifi

    Nice story….that lady learnt a lesson from this.

  • Anonymous

    She knows God after her purse is returned. Is it good manners to troll a driver’s innocence and quest to ensure you get the best services? Technology, especially GPS(location based services) are not accurate. So please save us the rhetoric on how God is good miss Yvonne Adhiambo. Take this hypocracy elsewhere

  • thelasttroll

    Nkt! Ni kama Yvonne alizaliwa akijua kutumia GPS. Humiliating someone just because they don’t seem to know something isn’t being classy. Just blatant ignorance. UD Mr Mutui thumbs up. Yvonne nunua gari yako tafadhali!