UPDATE: Joho has dismissed the result slip as a fake. Through Mombasa County Director of Communications, Joho stated that his name is not as indicated.

“His name is Hassan Ali Joho not Ali Hassan. That is fake,” said Chacha.

The quote – ‘results slip does not determine one’s payslip’ – could never be truer with regards to Mombasa governor Ali Hassan Joho.

The popular governor is without a doubt one of the wealthiest politicians in the country. Despite being linked extensively to the narcotics trade in the country, Joho has had an illustrious career as a businessman. He is the founder and pioneer of Prima Pest and Bins Limited, the first garbage collection company in Mombasa.

He is the founder and pioneer of Prima Pest and Bins Limited, the first garbage collection company in Mombasa. He is also the founder of M-tech Kenya Limited and East African Terminals.

On Wednesday, however, his education background came back to haunt him after a twitter user released a statement of Joho’s KCSE results slip.

The governor allegedly sat his finals at Serani Secondary School in 1993 and scored a mean grade of D Minus. Out of the listed 8 subjects, Joho scored 4 Ds and 4 Es.

Following the release of the results, the hashtag #JohoTheDMinusGovernor was trending for the better part of yesterday as Kenyans on Twitter reacted to the expose in huge numbers.

We have sampled some reactions below:

  • Cosmas Ronno

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with Joho’s D- Grade and his attainment of a Bachelor’s Degree. Several universities in Kenya have in the past admitted students with Diploma into their Degree Programs and these students have gone on to graduate with PhDs and gotten hired to teach in the self same universities. The Diplomas were in most cases attained on the strength of Certificates (including Artisan and Craft) all recognized and administered by KNEC and KASNEB and whose entry level include Standard 8 KCPE and KCSE Grade D- holders. No one seems to have complained about this until Joho’s case appeared on the scene. It is only after CUE tightened the screws on universities that they quickly inserted admissions criteria that run something like ‘ Diploma from University of ******* or other recognized institutions and an aggregate of C in KCSE or equivalent’ or ‘Higher National Diploma in relevant fields and should have attained an aggregate of C in KCSE’ etc. In the old days of ‘A’ and ‘O’ Levels there were candidates who scored the equivalent of D- went on to North America on Track Scholarships, attended Community Colleges and went on to university and eventually got their PhDs. I know several of these who have worked in Kenyan Universities for several decades without anyone batting an eyelid. One of them just finished a 10 year stint as a Vice Chancellor in a top upcountry university. I also know at least 20 of the same who have reached the academic pinnacle of Full Professor in our very own public universities. The hullabaloo about Joho is nothing but a politically driven storm in a cup and speaks volumes about the level of hypocrisy to which we have sunk as a nation.