bop1December comes with mixed fortunes. For most people, it is a time to sit down and enjoy their successes for the past 11 months. For others, it is a period of lamenting about how life has screwed them, and how they’ll start afresh in January.

However, there’s one thing that both sides do… party.

The reason why January has been branded ‘njaanuary’ is because most people use up all their savings and salaries in December; travelling, binge drinking and treating themselves and loved ones with pricey gifts etc.

I will not sit here and pretend to give you advice on why you should save, because let’s face it… you’ll still spend a lot of money.

Therefore, the only logical thing I can do is guide you on how to chop that money… YOLO!

Mombasa is the obvious first choice for party goers. The multiple beach parties hosted to end the year attract revellers from as far as Rwanda and Uganda. Aside from the sandy beaches, the bikinis, sex, booze and wildness are big draws.

The coastal city is however often too pricey or crowded, which has seen the sprouting of other party destinations. I’m talking about Naivasha, Nakuru and Kisumu.

But no matter how you look at it, the ultimate end of year experience will always be in Mombasa.

Some smart guys have now announced what will probably be the wildest party ever witnessed North of Limpopo, South of Sahara.

You’ve probably heard about the Bopit app. The guys behind the popular travel app have organized the Bopit Offensive Party set to rock the country on December 31st.


One of the organizers told a local blog, “This is the kind of party you need a warning before attending. It won’t be just any other party. Just any other beach gathering. This one will be Ibiza. With the madness and the wildness and everything out of control. We’re really trying not to get banned… But when we finally do it, you’ll hear about it for the next few weeks. It’ll be the most offensive thing you ever seen. Ever.”

The details of this end of year bash have me worried that Kenya’s national ‘buzzkiller’ (we all know him) might step in and spoil the party.

For instance, organizers are urging revelers to bring a person they don’t know. Also, they are saying that the party will feature ‘offensive games’ and ‘offensive cocktails’. I’m quite curious what that means.

They further state that ‘there are things that cannot be mentioned so as to avoid offending non-attendees.’ Plus a caveat not to attend the party if you are faint-hearted.

There are reports that rapper and Nairobi Diaries star Noti Flow will make an appearance.

Of course we’ll keep you updated on this Bopit Offensive Party.