Sorry for interjecting.. I think you were explaining how life has been tough in 2016.

Sorry again.. I have to stop you right there…

In this same Nairobi that people are complaining about the state of their pockets, some few individuals are making so much money it hurts.

Yesterday, some unidentified person took over the streets of Nairobi with two top of the range automobiles.

A Mercedes-Maybach S600 thought to be the 2016 model, and a Range Rover Overfinch. The two vehicles formed a convoy and no one could fail to realize they belong to the same owner.

Well, he/she made the effort to ensure word got out by getting matching custom number plates.



The Maybach screamed ACE 888 while the Range Rover leading the way was ACE 777. We’re yet to figure out who the cars might belong to.

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For purposes of understanding, the Maybach S600 costs about Sh20 million before tax and customizations. After tax and other import costs, the price may go up to Sh40 million. It is also likely that this one in question has been armoured. The final figure may be something near Sh50 million.




Mercedes Maybach s600



The Range Rover Overfinch is a bit complicated for non-car enthusiasts. Basically, this company in the UK called Overfinch customizes already expensive Range Rovers into even more expensive Range Rovers.

2014 Range Rover by Overfinch



range3The price you would have ended up paying for a Range Rover Sport or Vogue for example, goes significantly up. The aftermarket company targets high net worth individuals and each car is bespoke… unless you buy it from third parties.

Depending on the customizations ordered, a brand new Overfinch can cost anywhere between Sh20 and 50 million.

For the Maybach and Overfinch, fitted with Sh1 million customized number plates each, our mystery guy therefore spent anything between Sh50 million and Sh100 million.

… now you can go back to lamenting about your 2016.

Photos courtesy of @Mwirigi