uhuruThis week was quite heated in politics. President Uhuru and his deputy went on a two-day visit of central Kenya. What was supposed to be a trip to commission various projects turned into a political arena, with Cord leader Raila Odinga the main topic.

Raila on Tuesday told President Uhuru to stop lecturing him and instead focus on development.

“President Uhuru should to lecturing me since I am not his son … Kenyans want good leadership and not statements used by colonialists to blackmail Kenyans,” he said.

Raila was referring to derogatory statements made by the president and his deputy on Monday.

Speaking in Nyeri, Uhuru switched to Kikuyu, going into a rant about Raila. He referred to him as ‘Muguruki’ (mad man), then went on to state how the former Prime Minister cannot deliver.

”Even when he was in the government, all he wanted was a carpet and a toilet..” he added.

Earlier, Ruto had referred to Raila as ‘Mganga’.

Watch the clip that never made it to TV.