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On Facebook, the post below has been doing rounds. It seeks to calculate the amount Royal Media will potentially make after their ‘recruitment exercise’.

The source is unknown.


Citizen has been advertising for 60 positions to be recruited for 8 months. If you go to the portal, each applicant has to pay Ksh. 1,000. With the kind of advertisement they have made, this might attract at least 100 thousand applicants. Using multiplication 100,000*1000=Ksh. 100,000,000 (100 million)

Now they only need 60 people for 8 months (remember these are sales agent-I guess you know the salary of sales agents!!). Let’s assume each sales agent will be paid 30,000 (remember this is an assumption, the amount could be far lower than this e.g. could even be 15 thousand…….it is even rumoured that they will get 10 thousand)…so if each and every agent is to be paid 30 thousand for 8 months we have; 30,000*8=Ksh. 240,000……next we have 60 agents; the 60 agents over an 8 month period will pocket a total of 240,000*60=14,400,000 (14.4 million).

Subtract and get the difference (the difference is the profit, i.e. 100m-14.4m=85.6m).

N/B: remember they just laid off some employees the other day because of tough economic climate!!